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Easy Steps To Building A Successful Pond

  • Assemble all necessary tools and equipment.
  • Mark area for pond excavation.
  • Determine approximate placement of skimmer and waterfall filter.
  • Excavate pond area & place soil around waterfall area.
  • Install liner underlayment and liner in pond area.
  • Fill pond with water to set liner in place.
  • Install skimmer.
  • Excavate waterfall area.
  • Place liner underlayment and liner for waterfall.
  • Install waterfall filter.
  • Install pump in skimmer and plumbing to waterfall filter.
  • Place rock around pond. Stonescaping
  • Install underwater lighting. Landscape Lighting
  • Build waterfall using waterfall foam.
  • Add aquatic plants and plantings.
  • Double check the pond installation and move on to landscaping around the pond.
  • If your pond water gets dirty during installation, drain and refill.
  • Note: The order of your pond installation steps may vary depending on the installation.

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