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Turf Products

Northern Nurseries' Professional Turf Division is dedicated to bringing the highest quality products and services to the Professional Turf Industry. The division is a quality leader in product technology, and, is a true "partner" to its customers, dedicated to aiding their success and helping to solve their problems. 

Landscape Edging - Lawn Fertilization - 5 Step Fertilization Program
Grass Seed - Hydroseeding & Mulch - Erosion Control - Soil Amendments
Bark Mulch - Weed Fabrics - Water Management - Winter Products

Landscape Edging

 Engineered to provide a strong, easy to install edge restraint for concrete/clay pavers. One single unit can be used to form straight or radius installations. Convenient tongue & groove connection speeds installation and the unique design allows the tightest radius in the industry. 8’ Paver Restraint. visit Snap-Edge web site

20’ Long by 5” 5 to a Bundle. 4 horizontal grooves. Extra thick wall. 4 Steel spikes & connector. 15’ Long 6 to a Bundle. Unique simple, effective design. Available in Rigid or Flexible. Easy to use and inexpensive.
visit OlyOla web site

4” Aluminum 1/8” x 16’ Long (other Sizes Available Upon Request). Interlocking Snapdown Splicing System; secure telescoping connection. Single Sided Interlocking Staking System. 5 Heavy Duty Aluminum Stakes. Stake Loops Every 2’. Excellent Performance of Aluminum. Also available: Structure Edge. Available finishes: Mill Finish, Black Anodized, Black Duraflex.

Easy to use. One piece both straight lines & curves. Withstands temperature variance. Designed for strength & stability. Uses easy to find common nails. Structural Rib Re-enforcement (SRR™). Stable Sure-gripping Foot print (SSF™). Easy to drill wall for lighting wires. visit BrickStop web site

Durable 6063 aluminum alloy. Secure telescoping connection. Vertically symmetrical cross-section. Minimal frost heave. Flexible & resilient structure. Structurally strong stakes. Versatile connectors allow easy construction of corners, angles & tees. Size:1/8” x 4” x 16’ Finishes: Black Anodized, Deco Black, Mill Finish, Deco Bronze, Deco Green. visit Curv-Rite web site

Lawn Fertilization

Lebanon Turf Products:
Proscape, LebanonPro, ROOTS, Country Club, PennMulch, Woodace
visit LebanonTurf Products web site

5 Step Lawn Fertilization Program

Click here to view and print 5 Step Lawn Fertilization Program

Grass Seed

We appreciate the opportunity to quote your special grass seed mix requirements of
500 lbs. or more. Please inquire for current wholesale pricing for all seed mixtures!

General all purpose mix of high quality seed at reasonable cost.
50% Fine Textured Endophytic Perennial Ryegrass
20% Chewings Fescue 15% Creeping Red Fescue
15% Kentucky Bluegrass Top Quality Varieties
Recommended for residential, commercial, parks, athletic, & golf applications. 40% Kentucky Bluegrass Top Quality Named Varieties
35% Fine Textured Endophytic Perennial Ryegrass
25% Creeping Red Fescue
This mixture contains grasses with proven shade performance .
65% Chewings Fescue
15% Kentucky Bluegrass Top Quality Varieties
20% Fine Textured Endophytic Perennial Ryegrass
Durable dark green color, fine texture, rapid germination, quick establishment, excellent disease resistance, & endophytic grasses for improved insect resistance. A top quality blend of 3 endophytic enhanced fine textured ryegrass varieties.
All purpose mix intended primarily for commercial hydroseeders & turf contractors.
40% Fine Textured Endophytic Perennial Ryegrass
40% Creeping Red Fescue 10% Annual Ryegrass
10% Kentucky Bluegrass Top Quality Named Varieties
Designed to provide a durable dense attractive turf on football, soccer, baseball, and recreation fields. Heat, drought, and wear tolerant.
80% Turf Type Tall Fescue
10% Fine Textured Endophytic Perennial Ryegrass
10% Kentucky Bluegrass Top Quality Named Varieties
Excellent choice for multi-use fields & areas under moderate to heavy traffic.
50% Fine Textured Endophytic Perennial Ryegrass
(25% each, 2 varieties)
50% Kentucky Bluegrass Top Quality Named Varieties
(25% each, 2 varieties)
Well suited for high profile sports turf fields & areas with moderate to high traffic. Perfect for renovation programs where a fine textured, elite turfgrass cover is needed.
80% Kentucky Bluegrass Top Quality Named Varieties.
20% Fine Textured Endophytic Perennial Ryegrass.
Excellent wear performance of perennial ryegrass plus the recuperative abilities of Kentucky Bluegrass makes Rugged Wear the ideal choice for multi-use sports fields & recreational facilities with moderate to heavy traffic.
60% Kentucky Bluegrass Top Quality Varieties (20% each, 3 varieties)
40% Fine Textured Endophytic Perennial Ryegrass
For low maintenance areas, sun or shade. Requires the least amount of fertilizer & water.
80% Hard Fescue 20% Chewing Fescue
Mix of annual and perennial wildflower and fescue.
4 lbs Wildflowers 26 lbs. Hard Fescue
* Mixture percentages may vary.

Hydroseeding - Mulch

Formulated from recycled newsprint 100% biodegradable.
Superior dark green color for effect and tracking.
40 lb. Bale

Formulated from recycled newsprint 100% biodegradable.
Superior dark green color for effect and tracking.
50 lb. Bale. visit Terra-Mulch web site

Erosion control that is ideal for general seeding. Improves water-holding capacity by 22%. Dark green color for easy metering. Shoots well while providing excellent ground coverage. Available in 50 lb bags.
visit Terra-Mulch web site

PROFILE JET SPRAY with Locking Fibers
Jet spray is pelletized and all you need to do is pour it into any machine. Jet spray is 80% paper and 20% wood. It comes in 40 pound bags. Moisture content 15% max, water holding capacity 900% minimum.
visit Terra-Mulch web site

A super high concentrate of the purest form of limestone. Dramatically improves the nutrient uptake efficiency of the plant. Easy to mix and easy to use! NeutraLime™ liquid can be used by any sprayer or hydro-seeder that has a mechanical agitator & or a recirculation pumping system. Size: 2½ Gal. Jug (2 per case) Also Available Dry 10 Lb and 40 Lb visit Terra-Mulch web site

A combination of organic polymers designed to stabilize the soil, provide a better environment for seed germination, & to help insure success of the seeding project during high stress applications. Acts as a lubricant for many moving parts in a hydroseeder. Apply at a rate of approx. 30 lbs/acre. Retards clogging potential of fiber mulch. Four 8 lb. bags per case. visit Terra-Mulch web site

SlikColor is the only marker dye with the added plus of a slickifier to improve shooting. Improves visual metering when applying seed & fertilizer alone and enhances mulch color. (2, 11 lb Jugs/Case)
visit Terra-Mulch web site

A one step mulch and fertilizer for new turf establishment. Provides the professional benefits of hydromulching in a product that's easy and inexpensive to apply. Completely weed free. Instant green- aesthetically pleasing. Safe and biodegradable. 50 lbs covers 700 sq. ft. visit Lebanon Turf Products web site


Please inquire regarding Northern Nurseries many other hydroseeding products!

Erosion Control

Degradable erosion control blankets are designed to provide immediate erosion protection and vegetation establishment assistance, then degrade after the root and stem systems of the vegetation are mature enough to permanently stabilize the underlying soil. visit North American Green web site

Completely Biodegradable. Your #1 Solution to Meet the Challenges of Erosion Control! Helps establish vegetation on steep slopes. Excellent coverage in all types of terrain. Holds seed and soil in place. Meets most DOT specifications. Easy to apply/reposition. Acts as a soil nutrient too! 4’ x 225’ Rolls available.

Futerra® EnviroNet™  Advanced technology created for slopes & environmentally sensitive sites. Aesthetically pleasing & easier to install & provides 99.9% erosion control effectiveness. Futerra F4 Netless It's lighter, yet loftier and more dimensionally stable—while providing even higher levels of slope protection and vegetative establishment for fine turf and environmentally sensitive applications. visit Futerra web site

11 gauge steel wire sod staples
Size: 6” x 1” 1000 staples per box

Soil Amendments

A blend of nutrient-rich organic materials, effective as a soil conditioner for establishment of turf, tree, and shrubs. Plantings & Mulching. Lawn Establishment & Maintenance. Parks & Institutional Landscaping. Turf & Sod Production. Athletic Field & Golf Course Construction & Maintenance.
WeCare - Agresoil Stable Peat - AllGro - Top Soil

40 and 50 lb Bags

3.8 cu.ft.


Pricing varies by Distribution Center location for small quantities; or, we can ship direct full truckload quantities to you at considerable savings!
Note: Not all products are available at all of our locations.

Bark Mulch

Our customers have heaped compliments upon us about our rich, dark, shredded bark. Color consistency, free of twigs and debris, double shredded, it is a beautiful finishing touch to any planting bed. Sold by the loader bucket at our Distribution Center, or direct shipped to your site, at excellent savings. Approx. 80 cu.yds. per trailer load. Please call for a quote.

Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch is a unique, environment-friendly safety surface, manufactured from recycled automotive tires at Rubbercycle’s state-of-the-art facility. Properly installed, Playsafer™ provides an enjoyable play area that meets the guidelines set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the American Standard for Testing Materials (ASTM), ADA and the International Playground Equipment Manufactures Association (IPEMA).

Weed Fabrics

SRW Products
Quality Products That Make You Competitive!
Paver Seal, Adhesive, Fabric Edging
visit SRW web site

Weed Barrier
4.1 oz. DeWitt Weed Barrier™ 20 Year needle woven punched fabric reinforced. Color stripes 12” apart. Roll Sizes :* 36” x 50’, 3’ x 250’, 4’ x 250’, 5’ x 250’, 6’ x 250’, 12’ x 250’  ProBlack: Roll Sizes:* 3’ x 50’, 3’ x 100’, 3’ x 300’, 4’ x 400’, 6’ x 300’, 12’ x 300’. *Not all sizes are available at all locations, but can be ordered. visit DeWitt web site

Water Management

Gelscape is an easy to use granular polymer for turf & landscape. It is an exceptional blend of organic polymer particles, rendered insoluble by a superior crosslinking method. It has the ability to reversibly absorb & desorb more than 500 times its weight in distilled water & more than 150 times its weight in a standard fertilizer solution. Sizes Available: 1 lb.Box (30/case); 15 lb.Box (3/case)Value Size ; 50 lb. Drum Economy Size visit Gelscape web site

WILT PRUF - The proven anti-transpirant for over 50 years. Guards against moisture loss year-round. The safe way to reduce moisture loss when plants are under water stress due to winter kill, wind burn, drought, or transplant shock. Acts as a protective coating, holding in moisture on plant foliage & stems, substantially reducing water loss during periods of plant stress.
Sizes: 1 Qt Trigger, 1 Qt, 1 Gal, 5 Gal. visit Wilt Pruf web site

Professional Portable Drip Irrigation System
Use on any tree/shrub with branches beginning at least 30” off the ground or higher: Treegator For Shade Trees 20 Gal. (60/case)  Treegator Jr. Pro for lower branched evergreens & shrubs. 15 Gal. 30/case)
visit Treegator web site

J-Drain - Do It Yourself Surface Water Drainage!
Easily installed in turf and landscape applications with minimal site disruption. For Athletic Fields, Playgrounds, Golf Courses, Landscape and Horse Paddocks. Excavate 4” x 12” trenches with Ditch-Witch or other trencher. Center J-Drain MVP on the bottom. Backfill with concrete sand to the top.
visit J-Drain web site

Wade Rain
The “Wade” Rain Tower
Features a unique sprinkler stand that adjusts from 41-72”. Allows gentle rain irrigation on lawns, gardens, and flower beds, without shadowing (dry spots) caused by tall plants or other obstacles. Adjustable sprinkler head for full or partial circles. visit Wade Rain web site

Winter Products

Landscaper’s Choice
Landscapers Choice Ice Melt with CMA. (calcium magnesium acetate). Consistent and even granulation for spreading. Safer on concrete and vegetation. Ability to pre-apply. Long melting life
visit Landscpaer's Choice web site

An eco-friendly ice melter. Blended with Magnesium Chloride and infused with Ice Ban, Green Scapes is an innovative product that is safer for sidewalks and vegetation. This environmentally friendly option also features a green color indicator that makes for easier and fewer applications. While still boasting a melting point that rivals other blends, Green Scapes has a lower chloride content. visit Greenscapes web site

A proprietary formulation of sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and calcium magnesium acetate (CMA). Tests have proven that Safer than Salt® Premium Ice Melter with CI-56™, a Corrosion Inhibitor, will melt more than twice as much snow and ice as most other products in the marketplace. visit Salter-than-Salt web site

Calcium Chloride
Pellets & Flakes

Rock Salt

Driveway Marking Stakes

Earthway Icemelt Spreaders
The EarthWay line of HIGH-OUTPUT spreaders are used for large particle size or high volume applications. Ideal for Winter use and great for rock salt, grit, dry sand, seed mulch products, as well as pelletized products that require high volume applications. visit Earthway web site

Deer Fencing & Accessories
Deer Repellent


Snow Shovels


We have more winter products...stop in and visit or call today.

Sports Turf Products

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