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Hybrid Teas: Large flowers normally set one per stem, medium to tall habit, and long cutting stems.

Abbaye De Cluny HT
Large cup shaped apricot blooms adorn this modern day variety with old fashioned appeal.

Baronne de Rothschild HT
Rose-red, fuchsia-magenta with silver reverse. Strong fragrance. Very large, full flowers. Glossy foliage.
Continuous blooms.

Black Baccara HT
Dark red. Large, very full petals on high-centered blooms. Dark green foliage. Blooms throughout the season.
Pat #13152

Blue Girl HT
Mauve or purple blend. Moderate, fruity fragrance. Blooms throughout the season on large dark green bushy foliage.

Chicago Peace HT
Large well formed, fully open flowers of glowing pink with canary yellow and a slightly fruity fragrance.

Chrysler Imperial HT
Velvety dark red blooms, with strong damask fragrance and compact habit.

Double Delight HT
Cream blushing red with strong, spicy rose fragrance on a slightly spreading deep green form.

Fire & Ice HT
Red, white reverse, ages to violet-red. Mild fragrance and tall, bushy, upright with glossy, dark green foliage.

Fragrant Cloud HT
Deep coral red-orange blossoms with strong, sweet, spice & rose fragrance and dark glossy foliage.

John F. Kennedy HT
Rich white blossoms begin with an  unusual greenish tint and have a moderate licorice fragrance.

King's Ransom HT
Brilliant yellow buds with sweet fruity fragrance above glossy green foliage.

Love & Peace  HT
Yellow blushed pink buds, glossy green leaves, long stems and medium, upright, bushy growth. Pat #14731

Michelangelo HT
Sweet lemony fragrance and golden petals. Perfect stems for cutting and old fashioned blooms with deep green foliage. Pat #PPAF

Miranda LambertTM  HT
In honor of country music star Miranda Lambert this rose is true head turner with large hot pink blooms. Intense rose / fruit fragrance. Pat #PPAF

Miss All-American Beauty HT
Deep, hot pink with very large full blooms and strong rose fragrance.

Mister Lincoln HT
Classic deep velvety red bloom, with a strong damask fragrance. Tall upright form.

Oklahoma HT
Deep black red, with large double blooms and a strong rose fragrance. Medium height.

Oregold HT
Big, deep yellow gold, pointed buds with slightly fruity fragrance and glossy polished dark green leaves.

Peace HT
Very large lemon yellow edged pure pink blossoms with mild fruity fragrance. Medium height.

Perfume Delight HT
Deep rose pink buds with a strong rose fragrance and large dark green foliage on a medium upright form.

Peter Mayle HT
Glossy dark green foliage are accented by large deep pink flowers. One of the most fragrant of all Romantica® roses. Pat #11660

Princess de Monaco HT
Ivory white blossoms finely edged with pink. Glossy green leaves. Long lasting cut rose.

Red Masterpiece HT
Art for the garden. Extremely large blooms (up to 8") of dark velvet red adorned on elegant long stems. Intense fragrance.

Rouge Royale HT
Deep burgundy buds open to reveal bright raspberry red blooms. Award winning fragrance of citrus and berry.
Pat #14309

Sunbright  HT
Yellow blooms with mild, fruity fragrance. Blooms throughout the season. Medium green foliage.

The McCartney Rose  HT
Massive, deep rosy pink blooms, with medium green foliage, and a strong scent of spice.

Touch of Class  HT
Large, luminous coral pink blooms on long stems with deep green leaves and slight rose scent.

Tropicana HT
Large clear coral orange blossoms with sweet fruity fragrance on a medium-tall plant.

Voodoo HT
Large blooms with blends of orange, yellow and peach. Strong fragrance.

Wild Blue Yonder GF
One of the few lavender toned roses to win an AARS award. Amazing purple/red blooms with a lavender eye.
Pat #18554
  Floribundas: Medium sized flowers born mainly in clusters, grown on a more compact form
with medium length stems and an abundance of repeat blooms.

Angel Face
Silvery lavender ruffled flowers with the strong perfume of sweet citrus.

White rose with strong fragrance.  Large, old-fashioned prolific blooms. Compact habit. Glossy, dark green foliage.  Pat #17841 Own Root

Burgundy Iceberg
Abundant and vibrant purple-red to burgundy blooms on this floribunda with a creamy pale reverse. Pat #PP 16,198  

Cinco de Mayo
Rounded, bushy plant, with glossy-green foliage, large smoky lavender and red-orange blooms. Pat #21709

Large clusters of dark red, semi-double blossoms with light tea fragrance, and deep green foliage.

Flowers are a brilliant blend of yellow-orange with ruffled edges on top of dark green foliage.

Ice white flowers with mild honey fragrance and dark green foliage on a medium tall bushy plant.

Deep purple-red buds and plum flowers with a strong citrus fragrance and dark green leaves.

Julia Child
Butter gold blooms are accented by super glossy green foliage. Strong fragrance and disease resistance.
Pat #18473

Large clusters of orange and scarlet flowers with a yellow eye and moderate apple fragrance.

Burgundy-red flowers swirl with creamy white.  Strong sweet spice fragrance and clean quilted foliage.
Pat #10126

Sexy Rexy
Medium flowers. Clear, coral pink with a mild fragrance. Dark green leaves. Very vigorous!

Flowers are a deep yellow with a strong sweet licorice fragrance. Glossy deep green leaves.
  Grandifloras: Large flowers in clusters, usually taller in habit with individual stems of clusters suitable for cutting.

Dream Come True GF
Big vigorous bushy plant with long-stemmed yellow blooms edged in ruby red. Blushes to all-ruby on finish.
Pat #20633

Love  GF
Two-toned, medium blooms of scarlet red and pure white. Very dark green foliage and slight rose scent. Super productive!

Queen Elizabeth GF
Clear pink Grandiflora with moderate tea fragrance, dark glossy foliage, and tall upright form.
  Climbers: Roses with long canes that can be trained along fences or walls with flowers of different size and form.

Large, single, velvety, blood-red blooms. A vigorous, continual blooming upright plant with medium green foliage.

Large coral pink buds with a strong spicy fragrance climbing 8-10 feet.

Large pure even red flowers with light tea fragrance climbing 12-14 feet.

Cloud 10
A white reblooming climber from William Radler, father of the Knockout Rose. Black spot resistant and dark green foliage.  Pat #24295

Don Juan
Deep velvety red blooms with large buds and strong rose fragrance on 12-14 foot canes.

Eden Climber
Large soft pink blooms, dark green foliage, and slight fragrance. Repeat bloomer climbing
10-12 feet.

Golden Showers
Bright clear yellow ruffled flowers with sweet licorice fragrance climbing 12-14 feet.

Good Day SunshineTM
Beautiful deep yellow blooms that just won't quit in large ruffled clusters. A yellow climber that will make it a good day. Pat #PPAF

Joseph's Coat
Multi-color of red, pink, orange and yellow. Large clusters of double blooms, glossy leaves with light tea fragrance. 10-12 feet.

Lavender Crush
English form shrub rose with American roots. Grape to lavender colors blend with a white reverse. Intense citrus fragrance. Pat #PPAF

New Dawn
Large cameo pink flowers with sweet rose fragrance climbing 18-20 feet.

Pretty In Pink Eden
More fragrance and more petals then its parent, Eden. Deep pink petals adorn this climber. 10-12 feet tall.
Pat #20953

Royal Gold
Deep golden yellow flowers with moderate to strong fruity fragrance and 8-10 foot canes.

Zephirine Drouhin
Large, sweetly fragrant, deep pink blooms on nearly thornless stems and 8-12 foot canes.
  The Knock Out Rose Family is known for two important characteristics: disease resistance and
non-stop blooms. This powerful combination results in non-stop blooms from spring through fall.
All Knock Out Roses feature branded containers and picture tags. Excellent sellers!

Blushing Knock Out
Blooms of light pink fade to shell pink. Thrives in humid climates. Pat #14700

Double Knock Out
More petals and a more compact rounded habit than ‘Knock Out', but same great resistance and deep cerise, cherry red.
Pat #16202

Knock Out
Light red to deep pink flowers with light tea fragrance.  Easy, disease free with a medium bushy form. Pat #11836

Pink Knock Out
Powerful pink KnockOut rose blooms continuously and requires no maintenance. Pat #15070

Pink Double Knock Out
Compact, upright with large, fully double, fluorescent pink blossoms, glossy green foliage, heat tolerant and cold hardy. Pat #18507

Sunny Knock Out
Bushy, compact, rounded shrub with bright yellow flowers and dark green semi-gloss foliage. Pat #18562

Apricot Drift
Double, apricot colored flowers. Very light fragrance. Pat #23354

Coral Drift
Very abundant, continuous flowering rose with cup-like deep coral orange blooms. Pat #19148

Pink Drift
Deep outer petals with faded center bloom. Abundant blooms through the season. Excellent disease resistance.
|Pat #18874

Red Drift
Low, creeping shrub with scarlet red blooms, and small, semi-gloss dark green leaves. Pat #17877

Sweet Drift
Clear pink, double flowers, with glossy, dark green foliage. Continuous flowering and disease resistant.
Pat #21612

White Drift
Perfect pure white double blooms adorn this ground cover. Superior disease resistance. Pat #PPTBS
  Continuously blooming plants with good disease resistance and hardiness. Excellent for landscaping and mass plantings.

Pure pink low care landscape rose with fresh cut apple fragrance and a bushy spreading habit.

Carefree Wonder
Bright pink with white eye and cream reverse on a medium spreading mound. Super disease resistant.

Ice Cap
Pure white flowers cover this compact shrub rose. Developed by Will Radler, breeder of the Knockout Rose and Jacques Mouchette. This is a must have. Pat #PPTBS

Miracle on the Hudson TM 
To honor the heroic crew and passengers of the flight 1549 this double petaled version of the Homerun Rose® provides the same red color and disease resistance.

Sea Foam
Creamy white flowers on long trailing canes with dark green disease resistant foliage. Excellent hardiness

The Fairy
Small, ruffled, pastel pink flowers in large pyramidal clusters with mild apple fragrance.
  Rugosa Roses are tall, shrubby plants that enjoy plenty of room to spread out. Many are fragrant, colorful and hardy. A perfect addition to any landscape.

Blanc Double De Coubert
Continuous large pure white flowers saturated with sweet rose fragrance.

Purple Pavement  
A restrained, rounded-bushy rugosa displaying purple-red blooms followed by bright red hips in the fall.
  Roses by the most famous English Hybridizer. Classic heavy petaled, English roses with strong fragrance, unusual colors, and modern hardiness. All David Austin roses feature branded square containers and picture tags.

Darcy Bussell
Bushy shrub full of rich crimson red rosettes. Mild fruit fragrance, and medium green foliage.
Pat #18717

Graham Thomas
Large, saucer-like yellow blooms on elongated arching stems exude strong scents of tea and fruit.

Lady Of Shallot
Chalice shaped blooms of salmon-pink petals with a golden yellow reverse. Hardy shrub with a light clove scent. Can be used as a climber or a large shrub rose. Pat #PP22171

Teasing GeorgiaTM
Deep yellow center with pale yellow outer petals, gives a two-tone effect. Strong tea rose fragrance. Repeat blooms. Disease resistant.

Tess of the D'Urbervilles®
If the old rose scent does not grab your attention the large cup shaped crimson blooms will. Can be used as a climber or a large shrub rose.

The Generous Gardener®
Can be used as a climber or a large shrub rose. Large pale pink blooms with great old rose fragrance.
  Miniatures: Small flowered roses growing on a naturally dwarf compact form. Stems are short, but good for cutting.
  Miniature Tree Roses From Medford Nursery are budded onto an 18" trunk.
  Tree Roses are double budded 36" high. Grown on hearty 2 year stock.

Chrysler Imperial
Dark red velvety blooms with damask fragrance.

Double Delight HT
Cream blushing red with strong, spicy rose fragrance on a slightly spreading deep green form.

Double Knock Out
Deep red-pink color with more petals. Pat #16202

Julia Child
Butter gold and licorice candy fragrance. Pat #18473

Knock Out
Light red to deep pink flowers. A light tea fragrance. Pat #11836

Mister Lincoln
Velvety deep red with strong damask fragrance.

Pink Double Knock Out
Large double fluorescent pink blossoms. Pat #18507

Pink Knock Out
Single medium  powerful pink blossoms. Pat #15070

Sunny Knock Out
Bright yellow blooms with dark foliage. Pat #18562

  Order roses that come from the same family with the special features, colors, and bloom cycles that your customers love to have in their rose gardens.
  Our Fragrant Roses are a pleasure to all the senses! Colorful, beautiful and full of wonderful scents. Everything from old rose fragrances to the crisp scent of fruits and spices. These selections are a wonderful delightful addition to any garden.

Angel Face
Silvery lavender ruffled flowers with the strong perfume of sweet citrus.

Blanc Double De Coubert
Continuous large pure white flowers saturated with sweet rose fragrance.

Don Juan
Deep velvety red blooms with large buds and strong rose fragrance on 12-14 foot canes.

Double Delight HT
Cream blushing red with strong, spicy rose fragrance on a slightly spreading deep green form.

Miss All-American Beauty HT
Deep, hot pink with very large full blooms and strong rose fragrance.

Perfume Delight HT
Deep rose pink buds with a strong rose fragrance and large dark green foliage on a medium upright form.
  With Medford Nurseries introduction of our New Rose Collections, we are adding a significant number of own-root roses to our selection. Own-root roses will have the following benefits to your customer.

Enhanced disease resistance.

Hardiness- Own-root roses can freeze all the way to the ground and because they have their own-root system, come back as the same rose you purchased.

Performance- roses that are on their own-roots will naturally send up shoots from the soil.
Over time, this creates a much shapelier bush. Add to this increased vigor and bloom,
longer life expectancy, own-root roses clearly provide more value over time.

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